Advanced Echelon (ADVON)


ADVON (Advanced Echelon is a period before the main body of cadets arrive when the adult and cadet staffs conduct final preparation for encampment. The ADVON in 2022 will be 15-17 June. The people expected to be present during the ADVON are the full 10th Corps Staff (from Corps Commander to Platoon Sergeants), the adult CACC HQs command group and staff, Leadership Encampment OICs and key instructors. Cadets appointed as leaders in Advanced Encampment who are also attending the Leadership Encampment should attend if their unit OIC is present (to be determined for each unit). Bus transportation will be provided for the ADVON. Activities will include staff and leadership training, admin and logistics preparation, key rehearsals and training area recons, and mentorship of the leaders by the Corps Command Team.


Training subjects to review:

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