Advanced Leadership

Leadership Positions


We need cadet leaders in many of the Advanced Encampment units! Serve as leadership for certain Advanced Encampment units. Must have attended the unit as a student in previous years (there may be exceptions to this). Use and strengthen your skills as a class leader while you help train this year's students. Provides practical experience in leading at the unit level, building esprit de corps, and performing time management. This is your chance to lead at Summer Encampment and bring those leadership skills back to your school!  Those serving in leadership positions will be eligible to wear the black leadership beret. Units that have leadership positions are:

Cyber (Cadet Leaders)

D&C (Drill Instructors or Cadet Leaders)

FTU (HS Cadet Leaders)

Medic (Asst Instructors)

Public Safety (HS Asst Instructors)

Law Enforcement (Role Players for Scenarios)


Attendance at ADVON: (15-17 June) required unless excused.

The minimum rank to be considered for a leadership position is C/SGT.

Survival has been moved away from the CACC Encampment and is being offered in July. Click here to find out more about this amazing experience.