Instructional Groups


The California Cadet Corps curriculum teaches to four core groups (Military Subjects, Citizenship, Leadership, and Wellness) with 31 standards and 800 lessons that support the California Content Standards in Physical Education, Career Technical Education (Public Service Pathway) Health, English/Language Arts, English Language Development, Math, Science, and Social Science.  The California Cadet Corps curriculum is infused with writing, reading, mathematics, fitness/wellness activities, and a variety of career and college preparation components.

Military Subjects

Goal: Students gain identity and belonging as a Cadet while developing self-control, respect, discipline and confidence.

  • M1 CACC Regulations 
  • M2 Cadet Uniform 
  • M3  Individual Drill​ 
  • M4 First Aid  
  • M5 CACC Basics 
  • M6 Maps and Navigation  
  • M7 Unit Drill  
  • M8 Military Courtesy 
  • M9 US Armed Forces  
  • M10 Field Skills
  • M11 Survival / Resilience 
  • M12 Ceremonial Drill


Students learn duty, service, and responsibility as a citizen of their school, their community, the State of California, and the United States.

  • C1 The State of California
  • C2 Citizenship
  • C3 College & Careers
  • C4 Diversity
  • C5 Emergency Preparedness
  • C6 Flag
  • C7 Study Skills
  • C8  These UNITED States


Cadets emerge as experienced leaders ready to succeed in college and career.

  • L1 Character Development
  • L2 Communications
  • L3 Leadership Roles
  • L4 Leadership Skills & Theories
  • L5 Planning
  • L6 Profiles in Leadership


Cadets are healthy, well-rounded and prepared for the physical and stress demands of college, career, and life.

  • W1 Finances
  • W2 Health & Wellness
  • W3 Individual Fitness
  • W4 Nutrition
  • W5 Fitness Training

Last Modified on 4 May 2018