Field Training Unit

Field Training Unit Course

Unit Description – what cadets will experience:

FTU is an out of doors experience that will introduce cadets to bivouac and camping skills.  Cadets will also learn skills that will prep them for the survival or mountaineering courses at the high school level.  Skills such as knots, knife handling, fire building, trail movement, field sanitation and field cooking will be introduced.  Cadets will be out in the field the entirety of the course.


As this is a basic course there are no prerequisites, however, applicants must realize that the course is out of doors and in the field.  Any allergies or physical constraints that would prohibit a cadet to function in an outdoors environment must be considered.

Minimum or maximum grade (measured by the grade they’re completing in June 2022)

This course is a middle school course that can include cadets that will be going into 6th through 9th grade by the beginning of the 2021/2022 school year. Cadets that will be in 5th grade or 10th grade for the next academic school year are not eligible.

Leadership Positions

4 high school cadets (2 male and 2 female) preferably graduates of the survival course or medic course and the ability to be out in the field for an extended period and able to train and mentor junior cadets.


Point of Contact for this is:  MAJ (CACC) David Arbogast,