HQ S-2, Security & Safety

S-2 Function

The S-2 is responsible to ensure safety, risk management, cadet protection, medical, and environmental protection​ at all California Cadet Corps activities.  The State S-2 is responsible for State-level events, policy, and regulation. Safety, risk management, cadet protection, and environmental protection responsibilities for sub-unit activities are delegated to Brigade, Regimental, and Battallion S-2s.

S-2 Contacts


S-2: CPT Christopher Hayes
S-2: C/2LT David Tran
Ast: CW4 Daniel Word
Ast: C/2LT Kenneth Neff
Ast: C/2LT Jordan Reynoso
Ast: C/W01 Brian Trigueros
Ast: C/SSG Ramon Quintero
Email:  S2@cadet.org         
Email: cadetS2@cadet.org

S-2 Actions