​Requisition forms are required for all uniforms, accoutrements, and quick service items. 

The steps for requesting uniforms are as follows: 

  1. Review items available for requisition here.
  2. Complete the requisition forms
    1. For Class C uniforms and boots, use the CACC Form 40 (New)
    2. For Class B uniforms and garrison caps, use the CACC Form 43 (New)
    3. For quick service items (rank and ribbons) use the CACC Form 41A
    4. For quick service items (attachments and backers), use the CACC Form 41B
    5. For quick service items (rank and ribbons) use the CACC Form 41C
    6. For quick service items (attachments and medals), use the CACC Form 41D
    7. For special items (flags, cords, guidon poles, etc.) use the CACC Form 42
  3. Submit the requisition and current strength report by E-mail to

Instructions for completing these forms can be found here.