Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement Course

Course Description:

Cadets engage in academic and technical instruction that focuses on awareness, exploration, and skill preparation in the various Public Safety and Law Enforcement career fields. Knowledge and skills are learned and applied through classroom, field training, and project based instruction, all presented by professionals in the Law Enforcement and Public Safety field. Cadets earn the LE Badge after successfully completing the course.


Cadets must be current 8th grade students or above and must have a GPA of 2.5 or higher with a recommendation from their Commandant


Cadets will be evaluated using a Daily Observation Report (DOR), in the following categories:

Display and demonstration of the Cadet Corps Core Values & the Cadet Corps Honor Code

Ethical & Professional Conduct and Communication

Motivation, Enthusiasm & Esprit de Corps

Mastery of subjects taught during the course (varies depending on the subject taught at the time of the DOR)


Subjects taught:

  • Fundamentals & history of law enforcement
  • Instruction covering various related law enforcement & security fields
  • Overview of the codified law in california
  • Arrest, detention, searches and citizen rights
  • Identifying and investigating a crime, incident, or injury
  • Observation training, interviewing skills, to develop a professional report
  • Crime scene operations & investigation, evidence collection, storage & control
  • Defensive and offensive verbal communication, de-escalation tools and understanding the use of force continuum
  • Scenario training & evaluation:
  1. Vehicle stops
  2. Field interviewing
  3. Room, buildings, open area, or vehicle searches
  4. Incident response
  • STEM related instruction in the use of technology, science and engineering in the various Law Enforcement fields
  • Physical training that includes:
  1. Defensive tactics
  2. Obstacle maneuvering
  3. Targted physical activity (endurance, strength building, agility, etc.)


After successful completion of the course the Cadets earn the Law Enforcement Badge.


Point of Contact for this is: LTC (CACC) Jaime Monsalve -