Medic Unit 

Unit Description:

The Cadet-Medic Training Unit is rigorous and academically challenging. It is an entry-level course in emergency medical response designed to prepare cadets to serve as cadet-medics within their units or state staff. Upon successful completion, cadets will be certified by the American Red Cross as Emergency Medical Responders (EMR).

Cadets who complete the course and earn the Cadet Medic Badge will be able to demonstrate the knowledge base, skills, and practical application for immediate life saving measures and interventions (e.g., CPR/AED and First Aid).

This course aids in the preparation of students who have interest in Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT), public safety and emergency medicine careers.



Educational/Academic Course Requirement

Cadets interested in this unit must complete online course IS-100.c at and send in the certificate with the application or present it at in-processing. Attendance is also required in online CPR training prior to the encampment (or outside CPR certification), date to be determined.

Grade Level Required:

Cadets will need to be in grades 9-12 of current school year.

GPA, Disciplinary and Attendance Requirement:

2.0 GPA is required to participate in this course. Cadets must not have any disciplinary infractions in the prior two years to participate in this course. As well as an attendance record that reflects no unexcused absences.


Cadet Leadership:

1-2 Cadet Leaders (past MEDIC cadet only) will be needed.


Point of Contact for this is: WO1 (CACC) Matt Miller