Noncommissioned Officer Training Academy

Noncommissioned Officer Training Academy (NCOA)

Unit Description – UNIT FLYER 
The Summer Camp 2021 NCOA will focus on direct-line leader knowledge and skill sets. This will encompass duties and responsibilities of Company First Sergeant down to the Squad Leader, influencing human behavior (With a special emphasis on adolescent behavior), team building and personal accountability. The graduate of the course will be a force multiplier after returning to their prospective units with a mandate of bettering the first year cadet experience as well as training the next batch of NCO leaders. Attendees, upon arrival at camp, will be expected to have baseline knowledge in CR 3-21.5, CR 1-5, and CR 1-8



Minimum - C/CPL and have completed BST

5th - 7th Grade: C/SGT or C/CPL only if you previously attended BST

8th -12th Grade: C/CPL

All participants must be able to call at least one quick time and one double time cadence by memory


Leadership positions available: 





Point of Contact for this is: MAJ (CACC) Julio Rodriguez