Officer Candidate School

Officer Candidate School (OCS)


Unit Description

Officer Candidate School (OCS) will impart the skills, knowledge, and dispositions commensurate with appointment as a junior officer (C/2LT, C/1LT, and C/CPT) in the California Cadet Corps. During OCS Cadets will conduct safe, realistic, and challenging training that aims to provide Officer Candidates with the skill set, knowledge, and experience needed to return to their respective units with confidence to effectively lead their units as officers.



OCS enrollment prerequisites (all prerequisites must be signed off by Commandant or Assistant Commandant): 

  1. Have a minimum of one month of successful leadership time in the position of Platoon Sergeant or above.
  2. Be in good standing with respective school (minimum GPA of 2.0 & no behavioral issues) and the CACC.
  3. Show proof of having planned, resourced, and executed a CACC lesson in front of Cadets and Commandant or Assistant Commandant (a lesson plan will suffice).
  4. Attained at least the rank of C/SSG as demonstrated by passage of C/SSG Board and Performance Tasks Assessments (PTA). Must be C/SGT to apply; C/SSG by June 16, 2020.
  5. Submit a neatly printed or typed application which includes a copy of the cadet’s service record (to include updated Form 13, tests scores, and all PTAs).
  6. Submit a brief statement of interest in the OCS course and reasons for wanting to be an officer.
  7. A signed Letter of Recommendation from Commandant / Assistant Commandant to attend OCS.
  8. Able to meet CACC physical fitness standards

Special Notes:

  • All application paperwork (letter of recommendation, 201 file, lesson plan, etc.) will be scanned and e-mailed to CPT Burns at
  • OCS will be a hybrid model with modules to be completed during Asynchronous learning and Synchronous study groups in the weeks leading to OCS Encampment.
  • Waivers of the above enrollment prerequisites may be made at the discretion of the OIC, CPT Burns.

Point of Contact for this is: CPT (CACC) Tate Burns,