Pay Resources

Guidance and Training


Required Forms For Pay

Employee Action Request (Must be re-accomplished when you change your address)

Direct Deposit Form (Must be re-accomplished when you change your bank)

CAESADS Attendance Record (For work at CSLO such as drill, encampment, and other state events)

Remote Time Attendance Record (For all work not at CSLO such as Commandants, Brigade Advisors, Recruiters, and Curriculum teams)



Submit Orders Request Form (NLT 2 weeks prior to duty)

Send all completed and approved pay forms to for submission.  

Forms must be submitted NLT 2 business days prior to the last working day of the month. Forms received after will be input during the following pay cycle (30 days later). Forms that are not signed by the supervisor will not be input for pay. It is the individual’s responsibility to get these forms endorsed.

Submit Pay Inquiry​