Public Safety Unit

Public Safety Unit Course

     The Public Safety Unit is designed to introduce middle school aged cadets to various career fields in the public safety sector to include: law enforcement, fire service, EMS, ranger, game warden, search and rescue, lifesaving, emergency communications, etc. The course will include some basic skills and information in public safety career fields to include: radio operations, first aid, patient evacuation, search and rescue techniques, law and regulations, teamwork, marksmanship, conflict resolution, etc. Cadets may (COVID-19 situation dependent) have the opportunity to tour various public safety facilities and equipment (police department, fire station, Coast Guard facilities, harbor patrol, EMS unit, etc.) and receive presentations from public safety professionals (CHP officer, police officer, firefighter, game warden, park ranger, lifeguard, etc.).



Completion of BST encampment course



There is no maximum or minimum grade. Participation in this activity is restricted to middle school aged cadets. Cadets who complete the 5th grade and cadet who complete the 8th grade but have not yet begun their first day of high school are eligible to participate. Last year’s participants are eligible to participate as students. 

Point of Contact for this is: LTC (CACC) Ken Parris,