C/COL - Cadet Colonel


– (Addressed as "Colonel")

– MAJs are promoted to this rank after completing a promotion board and LTC PTAs. Lieutenant Colonels command battalions and regiments.

– Battalion/Regimental Commander, Brigade Deputy/XO, 10th Corps Staff Officer

Promotion Requirements to this Rank

  • Minimum Time In Grade: 10 weeks
  • Cadet MAJ, LTC, and COL PTAs:  (Select four of the following for each of the promotions to C/MAJ, C/LTC, and C/COL. Don’t repeat any as you go up in rank..)
    1. Prepare a compete Operations Plan.
    2. Give an effective briefing on an Operations Plan.
    3. Function effectively as a battalion and regimental/brigade primary staff officer.
    4. Use command voice in front of a regiment or brigade.
    5. Resolve conflicts between subordinates.
    6. Write an effective memorandum.
    7. Write an effective personnel “counseling statement.”
    8. Prepare an agenda for a staff meeting and conduct the meeting.
    9. Conduct an efficient and effective awards ceremony.
    10. Serve as the commander of troops at a Pass in Review.
    11. Conduct a unit mock Annual General Inspection.
    12. Serve on the 10th Corps Staff
  • Cadet MAJ, LTC, and COL Interview Board
    • What is your philosophy of leadership?
    • Share with us your vision for how to make the Cadet Corps better. How would you achieve that vision?
    • Every leader has a “fatal flaw.” What is yours and how are you working on that fatal flaw so that it does not result in your downfall?
    • Describe how Power and Influence affect leadership. Name the types of power and influencing styles during your explanation
    • Describe direct and indirect leadership, and discus the responsibilities of a senior cadet leader
    • Describe the different skills of coaching, mentoring, and counseling
    • Select five of Henry Fayol’s Management Principles and give examples of how you’ve seen them in your cadet career
  • Must Pass Physical Fitness Assessment 
  • Submit Application Package
  • Commandant/Principal/Brigade Advisor Recommendation - CACC XO is approval authority, Orders published "By Order of the Adjutant General"