Second Lieutenant

C/2LT - Cadet Second Lieutenant


   – (Addressed as "Lieutenant")

   – SSGs and above are promoted to this entry-level officer rank after completing OCS, Promotion Board, Physical Fitness test, 2LT PTAs and 2LT test . Leads platoon-size elements consisting of the platoon SGT and two or more squads (Commands at least 14 Cadets).

   – Platoon Leader, Company Staff Officer

Promotion Requirements to this Rank

  • Minimum Time In Grade: 10 weeks
  • Cadet 2LT PTAs:  (The commandant can repeat or add ANY of the previous PTAs they feel are appropriate.)
    • Plan and teach a 30-minute class with a lesson plan and slides
    • Name the paragraphs covered in a WARNORD or OPORD
    • Command a company size formation; have them fall in and march as a company in line/column (not mass). Require at least two column movements, a few other commands, and dismissal.
    • Demonstrate how to treat a choking victim
    • Differentiate between an Objective and a Goal
    • Discuss the Leader’s Code and why it is important to you
  • Cadet 2LT Interview Board
    • Explain the difference between authority and responsibility.
    • Tell the promotion board why you would like to be a cadet officer.
    • What is your biggest weakness as a leader? What have you done to work on that deficiency?
    • Give us an example of where your leadership skills shined (a situation where you showed great leadership).
    • What does it mean to you to be patriotic? How do you demonstrate your patriotism?
    • Why is it important for a cadet officer to do well in school? How well do you do in school?
    • What were your latest PT test scores? Why is it important for a cadet officer to be healthy and physically fit?
    • How will you treat cadet NCOs when you are commissioned? You are currently “one of them.”
    • What will change about your relationship with cadet NCOs when you become a cadet officer?
    • Have you been in any trouble at school in the last year? (detentions, suspensions, etc)
    • How has your attendance been at school the past year? (number of absences, tardies, truancies)
    • In what ways has being in the Cadet Corps helped shape you into a better person?
    • Why is it important to be sensitive to and knowledgeable about people from other cultures?
    • How good are you at managing your time and staying organized? Why are those two things important?
  • Must Pass Physical Fitness Assessment 
  • 2LT Promotion Test  -  2LT Study Guide
  • Commandant/Principal Recommendation - Brigade Advisor is approval authority and must be published on orders