San Francisco & Sacramento

Date of Event: 
13 Jul 20 to 20 Jul 20


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California Cadet Corps Sponsored Trip to

San Francisco & Sacramento

The California Cadet Corps announces that we are sponsoring a trip for cadets and commandants to visit San Francisco, with a daytrip to the Capitol in Sacramento. Participants will see all the major tourist attractions in San Francisco, while staying in the California Army National Guard’s Fort Funston Armory. Visit Alcatraz, Chinatown, ride a Cable Car, see the San Francisco Zoo, visit historic Fort Point, Pier 39, walk across the Golden Gate Bridge, and much more!  Spend five full days in San Francisco, and tour the Capitol building in Sacramento! This fun and educational trip will cost you only $350!

This trip will take place July 13-20, 2020. The Cadet Corps will provide transportation from departure points centered on participants’ locations.

Cadets must be at least 14 years old and hold the minimum rank of C/CPL, having no school disciplinary issues. Age waivers may be granted depending on number of applicants and commandant support. We have a limited number of slots, and will generally take applications first come, first served. If you’re interested, apply now!

We need drivers and chaperones - CACC adults will receive pay for this duty, and get to participate in all the activities too! Travel reimbursement will be necessary –

contact COL Edinboro for details if you want to come.

Participants must be able to sleep on cots in a National Guard Armory (we’ll provide cots and sleeping bags). Chaperones must be able to drive a minivan.

Cost of the trip is $350. This must be paid up front, no later than 1 April 2020. This gets your cadet ground transportation to San Francisco, billeting, food, and entrance into the venues we visit. No cost for commandants who participate as chaperones.

Don’t lose the opportunity for your cadet to visit one of the world’s top tourist attractions at a phenomenal cost!

Cadets will encounter learning opportunities in a fun environment, enjoy seeing our state’s most iconic city, and bond as a group.

Cadet participants earn the Staff Ride Ribbon with bronze oak leaf.

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