Summer Encampment 2020 Update (7 April 2020)

It is with regret that I reach out to our commandants and cadets today to let you know that we are officially cancelling our Summer Encampment due to the restrictions necessary to protect ourselves from the COVID-19 pandemic. Though I know this doesn’t really come as a surprise to anyone – so much of our lives has already been canceled – still, it’s a disappointment. I feel bad particularly for the cadets for whom this was the last year they could attend encampment.


I’d like to acknowledge C/LTC Cinthia Galdamez and her 10th Corps staff for having done a great job this year in the planning process leading up to this encampment. The quality of their planning was extraordinary, their dedication to the mission exemplary, and they would have put on a great activity for all participants. We can only hope that whichever cadets pick up the challenge to be on the 10th Corps Staff next year do as great a job.


We will issue full refunds to everyone who paid. The refund will go back to the credit card used to pay. Those who paid by check will receive a check. We will get the refunds out immediately, but it will take your bank a few days to get the money back to your account – that’s the way these things work. If you don’t receive a refund email (same type of email you received when you paid at The Cadet Store) by Thursday, please email and we’ll check to ensure it was processed.


We may have a small window of opportunity to offer training in July if restrictions are lifted by then. This will not be the same as our full encampment due to funding restrictions in the new state fiscal year. Participants would have to provide their own travel to Camp San Luis Obispo, and we don’t know if facilities will be available for anything other than Survival training. But we’re looking at the possibilities, and will put out an announcement to commandants, to the emails of people who have applied for encampment this year, and on our website. So if you are interested in that possibility, keep connected through those avenues of communications.


We certainly hope that 2021 brings a vaccine and return to normal operations to all our lives, and that our encampment in 2021 will be even better than before.


COL Grace Edinboro