September Message from the XO

September 2016
Message from the XO:

Welcome back to school!  Many have been back for over a month – a few less than that.  As our cadet year gets going, I wanted to share my vision for the year.  Many of you will know I focus on leadership development for cadets.  I want our program to provide great training in followership and leadership, and to accomplish the Cadet Corps Objectives (Leadership, Citizenship, Patriotism, Academic Excellence, Military Knowledge, Health & Fitness) through a program run as much as possible by Cadets for Cadets.  From the newest Cadet just learning to drill to the most experience Cadet Officer, our program has much to offer.  One of the core values I’d like to emphasize, and I hear Cadets mention it all the time, is Respect.  Respect is not always the first priority in our society, but Cadets learn the importance of it.  Respect goes out in many directions, and comes back to you as well.  Respect is partially derived from the Golden Rule – treat others as you’d like to be treated.  It’s important to respect your superiors, and equally important to respect your subordinates and peers.  We emphasize the importance of showing respect to your parents and teachers, and especially to those who are different from you.  Respecting people who are different – different cultures, races, gender, religion, politics, beliefs – makes our world a better place.  I encourage you to learn something about someone who is different – why they believe what they believe – and embrace their role in our diverse world.  Don’t make judgements about the beliefs of others – understand why they’re different, and how much they actually share in common with you.  For Cadets, respect is one of our most important values.