December Message from the XO

December 2016
From the XO

Now that we’ve made it most of the way through the Fall Semester, I wanted to mention our promotion system.  Have you promoted yet this semester?  If not, get to work!  Our program is all about learning and growing, and part of that is going up in rank (some call it ‘ranking up’).  You have to progress in the system to get the most out of it.  Once you have a few months of being a Cadet Recruit under your belt, it’s time to become a Cadet.  Take on a little more responsibility and show us what you can do!  I encourage you to take the next promotion test and get that rank.  If you just wait for the end of the semester to advance, you’ll fall behind your peers, and it’ll be harder to promote later on when you’re ready to become a Sergeant.  Good Luck!
COL Grace Edinboro
Cadet Corps Executive Officer