Xteme Team Challenge (XTC) Dates Changed

Because of resource issues we can’t avoid or work through, we’ve had to make the decision to move the XTC to a different weekend.  It will be held at Camp San Luis Obispo on 8-9 December 2018.  A WARNORD will be published shortly (next week).

We realize it will be difficult for some schools to adjust their plan to attend, and that there are other events happening during the December dates. I apologize for the change; it couldn’t be helped.  I encourage you to find ways to send a team to the XTC while still meeting your other commitments, but realize it can be difficult.

We’re going to look into a one time “chit” for the AGI so that schools that would have sent a team to XTC won’t be penalized in your AGI results.  You’ll need to show you actively participated in a different activity on that weekend.  More later on that.

POC for the XTC is LTC Tim Vincent at timothy.vincent@cacadets.org.