108th Birthday

Happy 108th Birthday, California Cadet Corps!


It has been 108 years since BG Edwin A. Forbes created the California High School Cadets, which later became the California Cadet Corps, and we’ve never been healthier as an organization, or had so much potential for beneficial growth as we have right now. The state is investing our tax dollars into this program, and we are working hard to add more schools, more cadets, and more opportunities to all our cadets to grow in their leadership skills and experiences. Take a minute to consider the thousands of cadets and commandants who have come before us, who dedicated themselves to the objectives, values, and principles of developing leadership in our youth and equipping them to be more successful, contributing citizens. We owe them our thanks, and we owe it to our current cadets and those to come in future years to continue to make this program the best it can be. Happy birthday, Cadets!



Grace E. Edinboro

Colonel, CA Cadet Corps

Executive Officer