~Travel Voucher UPDATE Effective 1May 2019~


Commandants and Staff,
For those of you that have attempted to file a travel voucher recently, you know that the process of trying to get reimbursed in CALATERs for travel has not been working for most people in the CACC.  Rather than continuing to stress a system beyond its capability, we're implementing a new policy for travel starting 1 May 19.  
Effective 1 May 2019, travel for CACC members will no longer be reimbursed.  If CACC missions require travel and/or pay, then member must submit a Travel Orders Request Form , found on the CACC web home page (normally 2 weeks prior to travel) so that appropriate orders can be cut. To defray the costs to the member, members will be authorized ESAD pay while traveling for assigned missions as follows:
Overnight Travel
If the member is placed on paid orders, then the member may be paid (ESAD) for 1 additional day. For example, if a member travels 5 hours to drill on Friday, and then returns after drill on Sunday, they will be paid (ESAD) for 2 days total (Friday Travel+Saturday Drill).   
Same Day Travel
For same-day travel, members may only be paid (ESAD) for one day. 
Exceptions to policy must be pre-approved and stated on a member's orders.  These typically include:
1) Members require rental of a State-funded rental car for Cadet Transport(CALATERs claim must be filed)
2) Members assigned to the recruiting task force 
3) Members conducting AGI inspections, or staying overnight in a hotel (CALATERs claim must be filed)
4) SAD members can not be paid with ESAD and should submit CALATERs claims IAW State Travel Policy