California Cadet Corps 109th Birthday!

Today, April 5th, we celebreate the California Cadet Corps 109th Birthday!

Happy Birthday to the California Cadet Corps! During this unique time in our history, we can take solace in our hundred and nine years of successful cadet training that we can get through this if we practice the discipline and teamwork that we emphasize for cadets to have. We as an organization and as a country have been through tough times, and we will survive this too. It’s disappointing to be out of school, separated from our fellow cadets, and canceling many of the end-of-year events we always look forward to, but we also know that safety of our cadets comes first. But we can also learn and grow from this situation, be thankful for what we do have, and anticipate getting back to cadet training in our 110th year. Remember to live by our core values of Selfless Service, Integrity, and Respect!  Essayons!

COL Grace E. Edinboro
Executive Officer
California Cadet Corps