Our cadets are our legacy.  We live on through them! We are their role models - the ones they will emulate going forward in their lives. We make a difference!
Ask yourselves 2 questions: 
1. Why am I part of the California Cadet Corps?
2. What prompted me to want to develop young leaders of tomorrow?
Our experience in the Cadet Corps is a journey in leadership, discipline, preparation and opportunity.
We teach cadets principles of leadership, but when was the last time as advisors and mentors that we have really thought about leadership?
True leadership has nothing to do with seniority, position, or title. Leadership is inspiring the best in others through action, attitude, trust, credibility and igniting the human potential.
Always lead by example: be professional, create bonding, cohesiveness and esprit de corps through continued professional development, education and training within the adult corps.
For the CACC to be seen and branded as a viable and relevant program in the CSG it's important for all adults within the CACC to lead by example, and to be professional in actions and bearing!
We can only expect the best from cadets in our charge if we are willing to give them our best. We must have integrity, structure, consistency, and work together to achieve our goals and our mission.
I, as the CSM, will endeavor to live up to the highest standards of the California Cadet Corps, and challenge all adults within this 110 year old program to do the same.
Dennis S. Sirkin 
Command Sergeant Major
California Cadet Corps