Trip to India - Deadline Extended to 15 October 2021

Message of High Importance to Commandants, Cadets and Parents of High School Cadets:


There has been some movement on the planning stages of this activity, and it’s still being worked. We’re extending the deadline for cadets to express interest to October 15thPlease inform high school cadets of the opportunity and link for signing up to be considered.


As it states below, we potentially have slots for 5 male and 5 female cadets. Right now, we have 7 male and 1 female who have signed up. If cadets don’t think they have a real chance to go, they’re wrong! But they have to be signed up.


As time ticks by, having a passport may be the qualifying factor in who gets to go. We recommend anyone who wants to go who doesn’t have a passport immediately apply for one using the expedited system. The cost is higher, but this trip is free. It’s worth it!


If you have questions, I’m happy to try to answer them; or you can reach out directly to COL Smith. 


Once again, here is the link to sign up:


COL Grace Edinboro