Headquarters, Full Time Personnel

State Headquarters
Full-time personnel

Col Timothy J. Kelley

Deputy Commander / Dean of Instruction

Lead growth of California Cadet Corps. Manage support to Field. Supervise full time staff. Chair Curriculum Committee.

Email: tim.kelley@cacadets.org

Ph #: 805-782-6745

LTC Timothy Vincent


Email:  tim.vincent@cacadets.org

SFC Dustin Dionne


Serves as the senior enlisted advisor to the command team. Manages the full-time Operations and Logistics sections; provides training, mentoring, and personal/professional development to staff NCO's.  Supervises the execution of state events, the utilization of CNG installations, and the coordination of all unit-level support throughout the CACC.

Email: dustin.dionne@cacadets.org or dustin.r.dionne.mil@mail.mil

Ph #: 805-782-6754 (office) or 916-397-7683 (cell)

SSG Ryan Rogers 

Operations NCO

Email: ryan.rogers@cacadets.org or ryan.r.rogers.mil@mail.mil

Ph #: 805-782-6753

Logistcis NCO

Responsible for identifying, planning, ordering and maintaining all uniforms, supplies, equipment and transportation needs for the CACC. Conducts Annual General Inspections at schools (logistics portion) and brigades.

Email: Sarahy.Barrera@cacadets.org

Phone: (805) 782-6764

CW2 Daniel Williams

Information Systems Support Officer

Installs, manages, and trouble-shoots software on California Cadet Corps(CACC) non-CAARNG networked computer systems. Acquires, connects and maintains non-CAARNG networked hardware, update website content as needed. Prepares and deploys WiFi access for CACC State Events. 

Email: daniel.williams@cacadets.org

Cell: 805-588-5849

Debbie Shuford

Associate Governmental Program Analyst - Financial Resources

Financial reporting and reconcilitation, budget planning. Ensure fiscal accountability and internal controls are in place and functioning.

Email: deborah.shuford@cacadets.org

Ph #: 805-782-6749

Nicole Plaza

Human Resources Analyst

Personnel Support, Draft, publish and disseminate CACC orders for adult personnel. Recieve, process and track TAG Letter request for commandants. Receive, process and track commandant application packages. Tack security clearances/livescans. CACC event support

Email: Nicole.plaza@cacadets.org

Ph #: 805-782-6742

Robert Schumann

Acquisitions - Associate Governmental Program Analyst

Purchasing and contracting, acquiring materials, equipment and services for the California Cadet Corps. 

Email: Robert.schumann@cacadets.org

Ph #: 805-782-6755

David Arbogast

Program Counselor/Recruiter

Establish and support new programs, instructors and volunteers. Assist in the training of new instructors and current programs.

Email: David.arbogast@cacadets.org

Ph #: 916-397-6493

Mitzi Risenhoover


recruiting schoools for the California Cadet Corps.

Email: Mitzi.Risenhoover@cacadets.org

Ph #: 916-3978211