First Lieutenant

C/1LT - Cadet First Lieutenant



   - (Addressed as "Lieutenant")

   – 2LTs are promoted to the senior lieutenant rank after completing a promotion board and 1LT PTAs. 1LTs are often assigned as the Company XO.

   – Company Executive Officer, Battalion Staff Officer

Promotion Requirements to this Rank

  • Minimum Time In Grade: 10 weeks
  • Cadet 1LT PTAs:  (The commandant can repeat or add ANY of the previous PTAs they feel are appropriate.)
    • Make a Training Schedule
    • Develop a Risk Management Worksheet for a cadet activity
    • Write a press release for a cadet activity
    • Write a WARNORD for a cadet activity
  • Cadet 1LT Interview Board
    • What are the two types of orders an S-1 publishes and what does each accomplish?
    • What is a strength report and describe the process of submitting it through brigade to state?
    • What is an inventory and how often does the cadet regulation 4-1 say it must be accomplished? How do you conduct an inventory?
    • Explain the difference between Direct, Organizational, and Strategic Leadership
    • Describe Personality Theories of Leadership and give two examples
    • Describe the Authentic Leadership Theory
    • Describe how you prepare for the Annual General Inspection as the Battalion S1
  • Must Pass Physical Fitness Assessment 
  • Commandant/Principal Recommendation - Brigade Advisor is approval authority and must be published on orders