Goal: Cadets emerge as experienced leaders ready to succeed in college and career.

L1 Character Development  "It's What's Inside that Counts"
A. Character in Leadership  TEXT -- PRESENT -- ASSESS 1-- ASSESS 2 -- PRESENT (ppt)  Classroom Posters: -- Character Poster--
B. Moral Leadership            TEXT -- PRESENTATION -- ASSESSMENT1-- ASSESSMENT2 
L2 Communications  "Think, Listen, Speak, and Write to Influence"       
‚ÄčA. Listening & Cooperating      TEXT -- PRESENTATION -- ASSESSMENT -- PRESENTATION (pptx)
B. Organizing Your Thoughts     TEXT -- PRESENTATION -- ASSESS: (B1-B2, B3-B4)-- PRESENTATION (pptx)
C. Teaching Effectively             TEXT -- PRESENTATION -- ASSESSMENT -- PRESENTATION (pptx)
L3 Leadership Roles "Move up through Ranks, Positions, and Experiences"
A. Leadership Roles at the School Level    TEXT -- PRESENTATION -- PRESENTATION (pptx)
B. Leadership Roles at the Brigade Level   TEXT -- PRESENTATION -- PRESENTATION (pptx)
C. Leadership and Management                TEXT -- PRESENTATION -- PRESENTATION (pptx)
L4 Leadership Skills & Theories "Use Tools of the Trade"
A. The Cadet: Leadership Skills          TEXT -- PRESENTATION 
B. The NCO: Leadership Styles           TEXT -- PRESENTATION -- PRESENTATION(pptx)
C. The Officer: Leadership Theories   TEXT -- PRESENTATION -- PRESENTATION(pptx)
L5 Planning  "How to Make Things Happen"
A. Planning                                                                   TEXT
B. Conducting an After Action Review (AAR)                  TEXT -- PRESENTATION -- PRESENTATION(pptx)
C. Organizational and Strategic Planning                       TEXT
L6 Profiles in Leadership "Learn from Others' Adventures in Leadership"
A. Historical Leadership Profiles     TEXT -- PRESENTATION -- ASSESSMENT -- PRESENTATION(pptx)
B. Contemporary Leadership Profiles     TEXT -- PRESENTATION -- ASSESSMENT -- PRESENTATION(ppx)
C. Leaders Who Inspire You     TEXT -- PRESENTATION -- PRESENTATION(pptx)