Goal: Cadets emerge as experienced leaders ready to succeed in college and career.

L1 Character Development  "It's What's Inside that Counts"
A. Character in Leadership  TEXT -- PRESENT -- ASSESS 1-- ASSESS 2 -- PRESENT (ppt)  Classroom Posters: -- Character Poster--
B. Moral Leadership            TEXT -- PRESENTATION -- ASSESSMENT1-- ASSESSMENT2 
L2 Communications  "Think, Listen, Speak, and Write to Influence"       
‚ÄčA. Listening & Cooperating      TEXT -- PRESENTATION -- ASSESSMENT -- PRESENTATION (pptx)
B. Organizing Your Thoughts     TEXT -- PRESENTATION -- ASSESS: (B1-B2, B3-B4)-- PRESENTATION (pptx)
C. Teaching Effectively             TEXT -- PRESENTATION -- ASSESSMENT -- PRESENTATION (pptx)
L3 Leadership Roles "Move up through Ranks, Positions, and Experiences"
A. Leadership Roles at the School Level    TEXT -- PRESENTATION -- PRESENTATION (pptx)
B. Leadership Roles at the Brigade Level   TEXT -- PRESENTATION -- PRESENTATION (pptx)
C. Leadership and Management                TEXT -- PRESENTATION -- PRESENTATION (pptx)
L4 Leadership Skills & Theories "Use Tools of the Trade"
A. The Cadet: Leadership Skills          TEXT -- PRESENTATION -- PRESENTATION(pptx)
B. The NCO: Leadership Styles           TEXT -- PRESENTATION -- PRESENTATION(pptx)
C. The Officer: Leadership Theories   TEXT -- PRESENTATION -- PRESENTATION(pptx)
L5 Planning  "How to Make Things Happen"
A. Planning                                                                   TEXT
B. Conducting an After Action Review (AAR)                  TEXT
C. Organizational and Strategic Planning                       TEXT
L6 Profiles in Leadership "Learn from Others' Adventures in Leadership"
A. Historical Leadership Profiles     TEXT -- PRESENTATION -- ASSESSMENT -- PRESENTATION(pptx)
B. Contemporary Leadership Profiles     TEXT -- PRESENTATION -- ASSESSMENT -- PRESENTATION(ppx)
C. Leaders Who Inspire You     TEXT -- PRESENTATION -- PRESENTATION(pptx)