Cadets are healthy, well-rounded and prepared for the physical and stress demands of college, career, and life.

  • W1 Finances                          "Don't Steal From Your Future"
  • W2 Health and Wellness         "Live Well to Lead Well"                         Cadet Wellness Strand Web Book
  • W3 Individual Fitness             "Check Your Fitness"
    • A.Fitness and Testing
    • B. Physical Training
    • C. Facts about Fitness
  • W4 Nutrition                           "Eat For Your Lifestlye"
    • A. Nutrition for the Student
    • B. Nutrition for the Cadet
    • C. Nutrition for the Athlete / Field
  • W5 Fitness Training                "Stay Fit for Life" 
    • A. Army Physical Training       TEXT 
    • B. Home Training              
    • C. Field Training