Survival Instructor Certification

Interested applicants should complete the Survival Instructor Course Intent Form




  • a. Name of Operation: CACC Survival Instructor Certification 
  • b. Dates: 14-18 APR 19 (14 APR 19 is a travel day)
  • c. Training Start and End Times: 150800APR2019-181700APR19 
  • d. Location: Camp San Luis Obispo  
  • e. Uniform: Class C/OCP/UCP 


  • The CACC will conduct a four-day course 15-18 APR 19 at Camp SLO


  • a. Commander’s Intent: Training will be field-based and instructed by subject-matter experts.  Commandants, staff, and any adult members of the CACC regardless of formal survival experience/training are encouraged to apply. 
  • b. Concept of Operations:  Barracks will be available on the evening of 14 APR 19.  Participants will check-in w/ instructors by 150800APR2019; training schedules will be distributed during the in-brief outlining the details of the duty days.  Participants will be released at 181700APR2019. 
  • c. Goals: All participants will complete the course and earn the Survival Instructor Tab  
  • d. Phases of the Operation:  
  • PHASE 1: Check-in/Orientation 
  • PHASE 2: Instruction 
  • PHASE 3: Course Completion/AAR 


  • a. Meals will be provided.  Accepted applicants will receive a packing list prior to the start of the event. 


  • a. Chain of Command: Col Kelley, CW3 Kelley, CSM Alvarado 
  • b. Signal: The Survival Instructor Certification page on the CACC website will be updated regularly and FRAGO’s sent to selected participants via Email