Cadet Sergeant

C/SGT - Cadet Sergeant


   – (Addressed as "Sergeant")

   – CPLs are promoted to this level after taking the C/SGT exam and passing their PTA. Often in this rank cadets experience their first official leadership position, Squad Leader. Considered to have the greatest impact on Cadets because SGTs oversee them in their daily tasks. SGTs set an example and the standard for Entry-Level Cadets to look up to, and live up to.

   – Assistant Squad Leader (5-11 Cadets).

Promotion Requirements to this Rank

  • Minimum Time In Grade: 7 weeks
  • PTAs:
    • a. Recite the Definition of Leadership
    • b. Name the insignia for all Adult (Army) ranks
    • c. Demonstrate the ability to properly form and march a squad
    • d. Call a cadence (jody)
    • e. Pass the comprehensive test for Cadet Sergeant
  • Cadet SGT Promotion Test   (Study Guide for Cadet SGT Test)
  • Commandant Recommendation - Principal is approval authority published on orders