Summer Encampment

All California Cadet Corps Cadets are invited to attend the 100-year old tradition of

Summer Encampment 

Encampment is the culminating event in the life of a Cadet.

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Encampment Annoucements!

  1. Summer Encampment Emergency Phone Number 805-316-0860. (phone will be answered 24 hours a day)

  2. Encampment Welcome Letter & Packing List                       

  3. Instructions Conerning Medications

  4. Unit Assignments

  5. Cadet Leadership Roster (updated 12 June 2019)

  6. Adult Summer Encampment Application 2019

  7. ​​​Advanced Encampment Transportation Plan Home for 30 June 2019 -  (Updated 29 June 2019)

We have had issues with numbers of cadets and busses, and had to change a couple aspects of the transportation plan. Cadets returning to the Oakhurst area are now bussing to Fresno. Cadets returning to Bakersfield are now being provided transportation by their Commandant (Van 6). Cadets returning to Beaumont are now on the Palm Desert bus (instead of the San Bernardino bus). We hope this is the last major change, but please continue to check, and touch base with your cadet if you can on Sunday.

If you have questions, please email  Questions on Saturday 29 JUN should be directed to COL Grace Edinboro at (925) 405-7720 (though email is preferred).  Questions on Sunday 30 JUN should be directed to SFC Dionne at (805) 602-7824 or SSG Rogers at (805) 423-2398.

Times are our best estimates, and we will push hard to get the busses out on time at 12:00 pm. Obviously, traffic may delay the busses. Bus supervisors will instruct cadets to call or text parents with updates.

Camp San Luis Obispo address is:  ​10 Sonoma Ave, San Luis Obsipo, CA 93405 or click here for the location

  • Please enter the parking lot to the right (before entering the security check-point)

  • Please plan on arriving between 10:00 AM and 10:30 PM


Please Email for questions regarding the transportation plan or installation access during encampment






More Info
Summer Encampment 2019
Camp San Luis Obispo
Leadership Encampment 16-23 June 2019
​(ADVON: 13-15 June)

Advanced Encampment 23-30 June 2019: Must attend or have attended a Leadership Encapment Unit in order to attend Advanced Encampment
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1) WARNO for Leadership Encampment 

2) WARNO for Advanced Encampment

3) Adult Application 

4) Transportation Plan (see links above)

Note: Times annotated on the bus/van schedule are DEPARTURE TIMES - ARRIVE EARLY

5) Unit Roster


  • Application Portal is Closed



Summer Encampment Units

Leadership Encampment will cosist of the following Units: BST, Non-Commissioned Officer Academy, Officer Candidate School, and Leadership. 

Advanced Encampment will consist of the following Units:  Survival, Law Enforcement, Marksmanship, Mountaineering,  Drill Instructor, Drill and Ceremonies, Medic, Cyber, Public Safety, Field Skills, and Public Affairs. 


Summer Encampment Promotional Video

2018 Leadership Encampment Promotional Video

2018 Advanced Summer Encampment Promotional Video











  • Experience a little bit of everything
  • Drill and Ceremonies
  • Bivouac & Orienteering
  • Obstacle Course
  • Leadership Reaction Course
  • Marksmanship
  • Alpine Tower
  • High Ropes Course​ and Rappelling
  • Leadership Reaction Course
  • Drill Competition
  • Xtreme Team Challenge
This unit is for Cadets who are currently a RCT, a CDT or a CFC and are interested in obtaining the rank of C/CPL by the end of summer camp.  BST includes a comprehensive experience of Cadet training.

NCO Academy

  • Prepare to be an NCO Leader
  • Managing Formations
  • Physical Training, Obstacle Course
  • ​Leadership Reaction Course
  • Manegement
  • Leadership Styles
  • ​Conducting Inspections
  • ​Bivouac, Land Navigation, Marksmanship
This unit is for Cadets who are current or aspiring NCO, CFC and above.  This course will focus on small unit and direct line leadership and skills necessary to hold squad leader, platoon sergeant or company first sergeant positions. These skills are paramount for successful leadership at all echelons.  

Officer Candidate School

  • Prepare to be an Officer Leader
  • Leading large groups
  • Teamwork (LRC + XTC)
  • ​Managing a Staff
  • ​Prepare for Command
  • Leadership skiils, theories, and more!
This unit is for Cadets that are a C/SSG and currently in grade 7-12 in the curren school year and are interested in service as a Cadet officer. Cadets may  attain a commission as a C/2LT if they pass.  Includes learning to lead large groups, teamwork, LRC, managing a staff, preperation for command, leadership skills and theories, and more


  • Become a CACC Medic
  • First Aid
  • First Responder
  • Earn the Cadet Medic Badge
Cadets must be at in grade 9-12 in the current school year with at least a cumulative H.S. GPA of 2.0, not had any serious disciplinary infractions in the past two years, and have no unexcused absences in the past year. Cadets interested in this unit must complete online course IS-100.c at and send in the certificate with the application or present it at in-processing.
First Aid-CPR-AED(Particpants Manual)


Drill Instructor

  • Become a CACC Drill Instructor
  • Drill and Ceremonies
  • Make your school more competitive in drill competitions
  • ​Become the expert at your school
  • Earn the Cadet Drill Instructor Badge
This unit is open to Cadets currently in grade 7 and above and are interested in a focus on drill and ceremonies instruction and earning the Cadet Drill Instructor badge.  There is an initial practical exam that must be passed in order to participate in this unit.  Those that do not pass will be transferred to the "Drill and Ceremony" unit.  Cadets who pass this course will be prepared to teach drill and ceremonies at their school, and will earn the Cadet DI Badge.

Senior Drill Instructor Course:  This couse is open to Cadets that have successfuly completed the Drill Instructor Course and desire to achieve the Senior Drill Instructor qualificaiton.  During this course the Drill Instructor will teach Drill and Ceremonies to both the Drill and Ceremonies Course and the Basic Drill Instructor Course.  Cadets who successfully pass the Senior Drill Instuctor Course will be prepared to teach and supervise Drill and Ceremonies at their schools and Corps wide, and wear the Campaign (DI) Hat (not provided). 




  • Get your Marksmanship Badge
  • Discipline and Responsibility
  • Relaxing under stress-Breath control
  • Error Recognition and Correction
  • Air Rifle
  • EST-2000 (Simulator Training)
  • .22 caliber
Cadets must be in grades 8-12 in the current school year and are interested in learning intermediate / advanced marksmanship skills on the .22cal smallbore rifle, the .177cal air rifle and on the Army simulator (EST 2000) if available. Cadets will strive for qualification at Marksman, Sharpshooter or Expert level on those weapons.




Search and rescue

  • Get your Mountaineering Badge
  • Rappelling / Belaying
  • Knots and Anchors
  • Mountain Rescue: Low Angle/High Angle
  • Limited visibility Rappel
  • Climbing
  • Instructing Rappel
This unit is for Cadets currently in 9th grade or above in the current school year and are interested in learning the skills of both ascending and descending mountains, and rescue operations. Cadets may earn the Mountaineering Qualification Badge if they successfully complete the course.




  • Get your Cyber Badge
  • Cyber Patriot Competition
  • ​Ethical Hacking
  • California Cyber Training Complex
  • Learn high-demand job skills


This unit is open to Cadets who are currently 6th grade or above in the current school year and are interested in learning defensive cyber skills through the application of offensive cyber techniques.  



Law Enforcement

  • Get your Law Enforcement Badge
  • Arrest,Search & Rights
  • Forensics, Fingerprinting
  • First Aid / CPR
  • Traffic Control, Breathalyzer
  • Scenario Training
  • Ride Along Patrols
  • Coast Guard Boat Patrol
  • Mounted HMMWV Patrol
  • Tactical wharehouse simulation
  • Earn the Cadet Law Enforcement Badge
This unit is open to Cadets who are currently in grade 8 or above and are interested in exploring the military/civilian law enforcement career field.  Cadets who sucessfully complete this course will earn the Cadet Law Enforecement Badge.




(Basic & advanced)

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  • Get your Red Beret
  • Will to Survive / Survival Psychology
  • Wilderness First Aid & Hygiene
  • Foraging, Hunting, & Gathering food
  • ​Water Purification
  • ​Shelter, Protection, and Avoiding Risk
  • ​Signalling and getting rescued
  • ​Field-based, scenario-driven experience
Basic STX: This is a mentally and physically challenging course requiring cadets to maintain a high level of motivation and perseverance. This training is available Cadets who are currently 9th grade or above who have maintained a CUMULATIVE HIGH SCHOOL GPA of 2.0 or better, not had any serious disciplinary infractions in the past two years, and no unexcused absences in the past year. Verification of GPA, discipline and attendance are required. Cadets successfully completing the Survival Training course will be authorized the right to wear the red beret.

Advanced STX: Be an Assistant Intructor at Basic STX. Must have completed Basic STX and be a high caliber individual with a passion for survival. Cadets that succesfully comlplete the Advanced course will earn the Advanced  Survival Flash for their beret.



Drill And ceremonies school

  • Learn how to properfly perform Drill and Ceremonies
  • Close Order Drill
  • Squad Drill
  • ​Platoon Drill
  • Company Drill​
  • Properly conduct PT and PT formations
This Unit is open to all Cadets who have completed Basic Camp/BST.  It will focus on how to properly perform Drill and Ceremonies and PT per TC 3-21.5 and FM 7-22, to a high degree of accuracy.  Cadets who complete this course will be ready to be drill experts at their school, compete in the unit drill team, and move on to the Cadet Drill Instructor Course.  No minumum grade level requirement.











  • Learn to Lead
  • Unit Leaders
  • Encampment Leadership
  • Hands on leadership development training


Serving as leadership for the BST and NCO Unit from the Platoon level through Battalion level. Provides practicial experience in leading a unit, buidling esprit de corps, and performing time mangement. This is your chance to lead at Summer Encampment and bring those leadership skills back to your school!  Those serving in leadership positions will be eligible to wear the black leadership beret. 


Public Safety Course  
  • Public Safety
  • Law Enforcement
  • Firefighting
  • Medical
  • CERT
  • Disaster Preparedness
Participants receive an orientation to many aspects of various public safety career fields, including law enforcement, firefighting, medical, and U.S. Coast Guard.  Training may include CERT or Disaster Preparedness certification.  No minimum grade level required, but must have completed BST NCOA, or OCS, before attending.  No minimum grade level required.
Field skills unit  
  • Field Skills
  • Bivouacking
  • Field Hygiene
  • Field Training
Participating cadets will practice a wide range of field skills, which will make them comfortable living in field enviroment similar to the Army:  bivouacking, filed hygiene, field feedng, and field training. Cadets must have attended BST, NCOA or OCS before attending.  No minimum grade level required.
Public affairs unit  
  • photography skills
  • video photography skills
  • Media planning
Cadets will be taught how to take a photo and video with their cell phones, digitital cameras, and DSLR cameras to help maximize the CACC image. With the photos and video taken during the course, Cadets will be taught how to implement them into the storyboards and articles for a quarterly newsletter and monthly YouTube Corps Report, and production of encampment and recruiting videos. 



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