Travel Resources

~Travel Voucher UPDATE Effective 1May 2019 (Please read before moving forward)~


Travel Resources Quick Training pptx


Sign up for CALATERS (State of California Travel System)

  1. Fill out CALATERS Enrollment Form
  2. Fill out POV authorization Form
  3. Send or deliver both forms to
  4. Wait for 3-5 days for Comptroller to input you into the system
  5. Meanwhile...
    1. Review "How to Travel" brief
    2. Download the Trifold Travel Tips (You'll need this when filing vouchers)
    3. Review this Travel Policy Memo
  6. Sign up in CALATERS
    1. Update your computer with the current version of JAVA
    2. Go to CALATERS and select the "CALATERS Global" Link
    3. NOTE: There's a lot of good information on this page for troubleshooting.
    4. Select "New User Registration" and follow the prompts
    5. Set your profile up with Deborah Shuford as your default travel approver.

Submit a Travel Voucher (All travel, even if you dont want to be reimbursed, must have a travel voucher filed) (In addition all submitted travel vouchers must have travel orders)

  1. Collect all your Required Documents
    1. Rental Car Receipt (even though you didn't pay for it)
    2. Gas (only fuel for a rental car-POVs are reimbursed by mileage rather than fuel)
    3. Lodging Receipts (Must show zero balance)
    4. Mapquest and Enterprise "Trip Optimizer" printout of traveled route if filing POV mileage or rental vehicle.
    5. Food receipts are a good idea, but not required to submit.
    6. Travel Orders (Request before any scheduled travel is to take place) (Can be requested on the CACC homepage by completing the Travel Orders Request Form)
  2. Sign in on CALATERS  and complete a Travel Reimbursement Claim following Trifold Travel Tips
  3. Select Deborah Shuford as the approval official.
  4. Print claim, sign it, and mail it with receipts and travel orders to:
    California Cadet Corps HQ
    ATTN: Deborah Shuford
    10 Sonoma Ave BLDG 1402
   Camp San Luis Obispo, Ca 93405

Log-On Problems

  • Forgot your Username:
    • Your username is "dm"+first initial+last name (See Picture)
  • Forgot your Password:
    • Go to CALATERS
    • Select "Click Here for Assistance" and new password will be emailed to your email account with which you registered


Special Circumstances