Cadet First Class

CFC - Cadet First Class


   - (Addressed as "Cadet")

   – CDTs are advanced to this level after their second semester of CACC (or earlier) and passing their PTA. Carries out orders issued to them to the best of his/her ability.

   – Squad member.


Promotion Requirements to this Rank

  • Minimum Time In Grade: 6 weeks
  • PTAs:
    • a. Recite the first General Order.
    • b. Recite the elements of the Cadet Code “LEADERSHIP”
    • c. Demonstrate how to properly fold a flag.
    • d. Recite the Chain of Command through Battalion level
    • e. Name the Cadet Enlisted Ranks and Insignia
    • f. Perform the following commands properly as a member of a squad or platoon:
      • i. At Close Interval, FALL IN
      • ii. At Close Interval, Dress Right, DRESS
      • iii. Rear, MARCH
      • iv. Left/Right Flank, MARCH
      • v. Column of twos (threes, etc) to the left/right, MARCH
      • vi. Change Step, MARCH
      • vii. Double Time, MARCH
      • viii. Open Rank, MARCH
      • ix. Close Ranks, MARCH
      • x. Eyes, RIGHT
      • xi. Ready, FRONT
      • xii. All commands necessary to properly execute a PT extended Formation
  • Commandant Approval