Master Sergeant

C/MSG - Cadet Master Sergeant


– (Addressed as "Sergeant")

– SFCs are promoted to this level after passing a promotion board, completing their PTAs, passing a fitness test and completing Advanced NCO school. Principal NCO at the Battalion, and all staff levels.

– Platoon Sergeant, Battalion/Regimental/Brigade/10th Corps Staff NCO

Promotion Requirements to this Rank

  • Minimum Time In Grade: 7 weeks
  • PTAs:  (The commandant can repeat or add ANY of the previous NCO PTAs they feel are appropriate.)
    • Demonstrate how to conduct a Head to Toe Exam.
    • Demonstrate how to properly march a platoon.
    • Demonstrate how to run a Physical Fitness training session.
    • Demonstrate the proper method of child and infant CPR.
    • Demonstrate how to properly orient a map.
    • Demonstrate how to command a Color Guard.
    • Demonstrate how to command a flag detail.
    • Demonstrate how to administer the Fitnessgram properly.
  • Cadet MSG Interview Board
    • Explain what triage is.
    • Describe who makes up California’s Executive Branch.
    • Explain how a bill becomes a law.
    • Give the warning signs and treatment of a stroke.
    • Describe who makes up California’s Legislative Branch.
    • What does it mean to be a Leader of Character, Presence, and Intellect?
    • What are Universal Precautions?
    • Describe who makes up California’s Judicial Branch.
    • Explain the types of burns and how to treat them.
  • Must Pass Physical Fitness Assessment 
  • Complete Advanced NCO School
  • Commandant Recommendation - Principal is approval authority published on orders