Sergeant First Class

C/SFC - Cadet Sergeant First Class


   – (Addressed as "Sergeant")

   – SSGs are promoted to this level after passing a promotion board and completing their PTA. Often SFCs serve as platoon Sergeant and advise the platoon leader as well as mentor squad leaders. SFCs are key to staff function.

   – Company Supply Sergeant, Battalion Staff NCO, Regimental Staff NCO

Promotion Requirements to this Rank

  • Minimum Time In Grade: 7 weeks
  • PTAs:  (The commandant can repeat or add ANY of the previous NCO PTAs they feel are appropriate.)
    • Complete a Clothing Record.
    • Complete a Requisition and Inventory.
    • Prepare a Service Record.
    • Prepare a Strength and Activities Report.
    • Prepare an Order.
    • Demonstrate how to use a compass.
    • Demonstrate how to find grid coordinates.
    • Demonstrate the proper method of adult CPR.
    • Demonstrate the ability to conduct a company level accountability formation
  • Cadet SSG Interview Board
    • What is the California state animal? Flower? Tree?
    • What regulation governs Cadet Appointments and Promotions? Cadet Awards? The Cadet uniform?
    • What is delegation?
    • What components are included on a typical training schedule?
    • Explain how to stop bleeding.
    • Explain what a scale on a map is for and how it is used.
    • Cite some cultural differences between African Americans, Asian Americans, and Hispanic Americans.
    • Explain the factors affecting human motivation.
    • Differentiate between the role of the officer and NCO
  • Must Pass Physical Fitness Assessment 
  • Commandant Recommendation - Principal is approval authority published on orders