Sergeant Major

C/SGM - Cadet Sergeant Major


   – (Addressed as " Sergeant Major ")

   – 1SGs or MSGs are promoted to this level after passing their physical fitness test, 2LT promotion board, and 2LT promotion exam. SGMs experience and abilities are equal to that of the CSM, but the sphere of influence regarding leadership is generally limited to those directly under his charge.

   – Battalion Operations NCO, Regimental/Brigade/10th Corps Staff NCO

Promotion Requirements to this Rank

  • Minimum Time In Grade: 7 weeks
  • Cadet 2LT PTAs:  (The commandant can repeat or add ANY of the previous PTAs they feel are appropriate.)
    • Plan and teach a 30-minute class with a lesson plan and slides
    • Name the paragraphs covered in a WARNORD or OPORD
    • Command a company size formation; have them fall in and march as a company in line/column (not mass). Require at least two column movements, a few other commands, and dismissal.
    • Demonstrate how to treat a choking victim
    • Differentiate between an Objective and a Goal
    • Discuss the Leader’s Code and why it is important to you
  • Cadet 2LT Interview Board
    • Explain the difference between authority and responsibility.
    • Tell the promotion board why you would like to be a cadet officer.
    • What is your biggest weakness as a leader? What have you done to work on that deficiency?
    • Give us an example of where your leadership skills shined (a situation where you showed great leadership).
    • What does it mean to you to be patriotic? How do you demonstrate your patriotism?
    • Why is it important for a cadet officer to do well in school? How well do you do in school?
    • What were your latest PT test scores? Why is it important for a cadet officer to be healthy and physically fit?
    • How will you treat cadet NCOs when you are commissioned? You are currently “one of them.”
    • What will change about your relationship with cadet NCOs when you become a cadet officer?
    • Have you been in any trouble at school in the last year? (detentions, suspensions, etc)
    • How has your attendance been at school the past year? (number of absences, tardies, truancies)
    • In what ways has being in the Cadet Corps helped shape you into a better person?
    • Why is it important to be sensitive to and knowledgeable about people from other cultures?
    • How good are you at managing your time and staying organized? Why are those two things important?
  • Must Pass Physical Fitness Assessment 
  • 2LT Promotion Test  -  2LT Study Guide
  • Commandant Recommendation - Principal is approval authority published on orders